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project details
Capital Gate
During December 2008, PFP Contracting secured one of the most prestigious contracts in their history to supply and install a passive fire protection system to the
Capital Gate Tower,. Part of the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre.

The total weight of Capital Gate’s steel is estimated to be around 21,500 tons which compares favourably to the 110,000 tons used to build Beijing’s Bird’s Nest, the 50,000 tons estimated for the CCTV tower in Beijing and the 36,910 tons of steel used in Malaysia’s Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur.

Capital Gate’s ‘diagrid’ is subdivided into 722 elements and approximately 8,500 structural steel beams for the entire building. Each ‘diagrid’ element weighs approximately 15 tons and sports a comprehensive passive fire protection coating and painted finish.
The steel diagrids are protected to 2 and 3 hours respectively and have a surface area of some 23,000 square metres supporting 340 tons of epoxy intumescent fireproofing.

Much of the building diagrid structure is a visual feature and thus requires a high quality architectural finish to the fireproofing. By applying our depth of experience and personnel expertise, PFP Contracting are certainly qualified to deliver an installed end product of the highest possible quality.

The building’s decorative ‘splash’ is designed to mimic a wave. Besides providing an innovative sun shade for the Capital Gate tower itself, the splash also provides a new and creative treatment for the roof of the existing Grandstand canopy in the adjoining Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre Grandstand. The splash is a completely independent structure made of structural steel “I-beams” fixed to the main building structure.

When completed, Capital Gate will be an iconic and avant-garde building, blending the beauty of the wave with power of technical advancement.
It will stand 160 metres and 35 storeys tall and, in addition to the 5-star Hyatt at Capital Centre hotel, will provide the most exclusive office space in the UAE capital city.

Capital Gate forms a major part of the Capital Centre development, the AED8 billion business and residential micro city being constructed around the newly opened Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre.

The project's architects have submitted a joint application to the Guinness Book of Records to recognize the tower as the 'most inclined in the world.' In order to support the awkward angle of the 35-story structure, the design called for a foundation of extremely dense reinforced steel mesh and 490 piles sunk nearly 100 feet into the ground.7.